The unit aims to help learners understand the values that underpin community development policies and practices. The unit helps learners to develop an understanding of the importance of these values and how they are integrated into a variety of community development work activities. It also includes an opportunity for learners to reflect on the consistency of their own value system.

This unit helps learners to understand the concept of vulnerability and the organisations that exist to support vulnerable people. It enables learners to understand the laws and policies that are designed to protect vulnerable groups as well as consider associated ethical issues. The unit also develops an understanding of the working practices for supporting vulnerable people.

This unit helps learners to understand the importance of community health and its role in controlling and preventing communicable disease. It enables learners to analyse the legislation that governs the provision of community health care as well as the effectiveness of disease management.

This unit helps learners to understand the concept, trends and effects of poverty in international and local communities. The unit enables learners to compare the different practical approaches that can be taken to reduce poverty as well as considering the effectiveness of strategic approaches taken by governments.

This unit aims to help learners to understand theoretical concepts of sociology and community. It enables learners to reflect on the issues, legislation and policies that affect community development and understand the structure and functions of the public, private and charitable organisations that can contribute to communities.