This unit aims to help the learner to understand the different forms of business organisations and to recognise the functional units within them. It also enables learners to understand the market within which organisations operate and the types of external influences on an organisation.

This unit enables learners to keep a personal computer system up to date, fully functional and operating efficiently. It also enables learners to solve problems and errors involving the interaction between hardware and software components.

This unit aims to help the learner to understand the IT equipment needs of a typical small business. It also enables the learner to identify common and specialist software requirements and common small business IT procedures.

The aim of this is to enable learners to understand the design and structure of computer programs.It will help them write structured code and prevent or fix errors in structured programs

This unit will enable learners to plan,create and modify relational databases and to process structured information in a database. It will  also help them to use database software tools for querying data and producing reports