This unit enables the learner to know how to securely run e-commerce platforms that can scale to large numbers of simultaneous users and transactions. Additionally, learners will know how to integrate online platforms into logistics and supply systems.

The aim of this unit is to equip the learner with the knowledge to select an appropriate project management methodology, set up an IT project and lead it to a successful conclusion. This knowledge will also provide the basis for understanding the role of IT project managers in a workplace context.

This unit enables the learner to know how to handle all aspects of security management within an organisation, including key security threats, security policies, and the processes for testing and reviewing the practical impact of such policies.

This unit provides learners with an understanding of enterprise architecture, including what role it plays, how it is created and maintained and  what the overall life cycle of an enterprise architecture looks like.

This unit equips the learners with an understanding of the fundamental principles of computation,so that they are able to reflect on the process of software engineering,algorithms designs, and algorithms analysis.